EP. 1 What Happiness Looks Like to You

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Episode Summary

Meet Stephanie and Kayla. They’re on a mission to help you Plan a Happy Life. In this episode, you'll learn how to define what happiness looks like in your own life by creating your happy list. And learn how peanut butter – yes, peanut butter! – unexpectedly set Stephanie down her own quest for happiness.

Print the worksheet for episode 1 here to follow along!

Defining Happiness printable


  • Rosita Wright

    I never thought that planning made me so happy until I listened to your podcast! I have always been a calendar, paper and pen kinda girl. I have saved calendars as far back as 10 years and I have to say it has helped me paint a picture of what I was doing or what was going on in my life at the time. Thank you so much for helping me realize how much I LOVE to PLAN!!!

  • Tally Poole

    Hi Stephanie & Kayla, I have become so addicted to The Happy Planner. I have invested a couple of children or a weekend vacation, (hahaha), signed up for Planning 101 & started listening to your podcast. So far, loving every minute of you. I wished I knew about it earlier to listen to when I was home from good ole Covid-19. Thank you for all you are doing.

  • Amanda

    I was recommended to listen to your podcast since I am part of the planner community. Honestly, this couldn’t have come at a better time in this point in my life. I loved listening to this episode. I printed the work sheet and it took me a while to finish it. Sometimes the things that seem the simplest are the hardest to start.

  • Stephanie

    This has been a blessing and I love it! I need to work on my happiness. I didn’t even know I did. I work hard on my spirituality, but it’s interesting how that didn’t even translate to happiness to me. I did start my happiness list! It starts with “black tea with milk and sugar” and ends with “talking about films with people who don’t suck,” haha! I think I mean film snobs? Who knows. I’m excited to keep this journey going! I’ll have plenty of time as I am in “for real” quarantine for the second time, this time waiting for my my test results, not my co-worker’s, ha! His came back positive, mine will be negative. It’s a lupus flare-up, but we still gotta check. Either way, you’re giving me something wonderful to focus on and I am grateful! To the next podcast!

  • Chrissy Starkey

    Stephanie and a Kayla! Thank you for being real and bringing the happy. I printed out my homework and put it in my mini, but I wanted to share my Happiness List with you here 😊
    1. Bringing joy to others. My friends and family know this about me because it’s sort of an ongoing joke. It doesn’t matter where we go, someone will always stop me and tell me their whole life story. After about the 20th time in one month (yes, really! Bathrooms, check out lines, in ubers, Starbucks DRIVE THRU! I really mean anywhere), I said, “Ok God, show me how to bring joy to the people you keep bringing me!”
    2. Ministry – Youth, Womens, studies
    3. Spending time with friends and family
    4. Planning on YT and IG just_starkey
    5. Watching sermons online
    6. Puzzles (my favorite was a 5,000 black and white puzzle that you color after you put it together)
    7. Road trips
    8. BBQ and Cookouts
    9. Art (looking at and creating as well as photography)
    10. Shopping at Target and craft stores.

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