EP. 10 - How to Develop a Healthy Body Image


In this important episode, Kayla and I have an open and honest conversation about body image...and more importantly, how to develop a healthy relationship with our bodies just the way they are.  We also shared a few things you can do every day to learn to accept, respect and even LOVE your body.

One of those practices is using body positive affirmations as reminders that you are STRONG & BEAUTIFUL and YOU are the only one who gets to decide what is healthy and beautiful for your body.  Mic drop!

Healthy Body Image

Our activity this week is to create your own affirmation cards and you can get started by downloading some super cute blank ones!

Download the 'Note to Self' affirmation cards!

 Although we discuss this topic passionately and authentically, we seem to be challenged to recall a few specifics in our storytelling.  So, I thought I'd fill in some of the blanks.  Here you go:

  1. The actress I was referring to who had a hard time finding a designer to dress her was the talented Leslie Jones for the Ghostbusters premier. High five to designer and Project Runway alum, Christian Siriano, for creating beautiful clothing for those of us who are not sample size...whatever that is.
  2. I incorrectly referred to Beanie Feldstein as Beanie Feldman.  Oh my goodness...somebody find us a fact checker, stat!  She was dressed by the classic, Oscar de la Renta.


  • sheessFax

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  • Trisha WINTER

    Thank you for this episode, when I was a teen I was happy with who I was. Yes I was a plus size girl but I was happy. However as a young adult and having 2 kids, I started feeling down on who I was. After my divorce I lost my way and started hating myself and was so down on what I look like.
    But after a few years I got a job working in a store made for plus size girls. Working in this clothing store I found that I am a good person and I do look good. And, with working in the store and helping other girls buy clothes that fit and make them look good, I started feeling better about myself.

    Listening to this podcast and finding that its not just a small amount of girls but many. I am feeling even better about myself.

    Thank you

  • Laurie Lyon

    I needed this so much!!! I have to admit there were a few times that my eyes had some tears in them. I had went on keto diet and lost about 88 pounds. Then we started doing Dave Ramsey to work on getting out of debt so I stopped eating that way. Then my son is now in kidney failure and my life is pretty much taking care of him and making sure food he can eat is in the house. I don’t take time for me, but I have to!! I’ve gained it all back and I’m so sick and upset with myself. I’m right now trying to work on a plan and figure out a way that I can make something work. At least give some effort to it. Thank you for this podcast.

  • Jenn

    This episode was inspiring! I suffer from body dysmorphia myself and it can be a struggle to think about myself in a positive way. Thank you for these tips and the free worksheet!

  • D

    I love all your podcast, keep up the great work ladies. They always seem to somehow strike a cord ,

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