EP. 21 - Acceptance & The Two Most Important Questions To Ask Yourself During This Pandemic and Every Day!


Today, I want to talk about two really powerful questions that you can ask yourself every day that will help you navigate through the isolation and unknown of this pandemic.

 Everyone will experience this pandemic in their own unique way.  And that’s OK.  It’s up to each one of us to honor our feelings and in order to do that, we need to learn how to recognize what we are, in fact, feeling.  

 There is a pressure to be productive during our “safer at home” quarantine.  And for some, staying busy and learning new things is helpful and soothing.  But for many people, this is a time of fear, triggers, stress, lost jobs, uncertainty and learning a new language isn’t going to make them feel better.  

  ACCEPTANCE is giving power and attention to the things you can control and managing your expectations and feelings about things that you can’t.

 So, knowing what we now know about accepting these forces that we can’t control, what can we do to process this pandemic and social distancing?  

 Ask yourself these two questions on a daily basis:

  • How or what am I feeling today?

 Learn to hone in on the emotions that you are experiencing.  

 There’s a great resource called the emotion wheel. Check it out here: Emotional Wheel

  • What do I need to do to take care of myself today?  

Movement? Silence? Connection? Productivity?


THIS is how we can navigate through this in a way that honors what we need!

 xo Stephanie


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