EP. 18 All By Myself - The Power of Alone Time


In this weeks episode we’re talking about the state of being alone, without being lonely.  Not just good for introverts.  Everyone can benefit from a little time alone!

In our lives there is SO much incoming!  Texts, calls, emails, DMs on IG and Facebook.  Invitations to birthdays, baby showers, school activities, games…all GOOD stuff!

Here are some benefits that can come from solitude:

  1. Solitude increases productivity
  2. Solitude sparks creativity.
  3. Solitude helps you know yourself.
  4. Being alone gives you an opportunity to plan your life.
  5. Embrace and welcome solitude - It’s empowering and removes the fear of being alone.
  6. Builds Independence!

Eventually, we all have to spend time alone.  We move out of our parents house, being single or divorced, friends or spouses are out of town or doing something else, we lose someone we love, our kids move out of the house (empty nesters), etc.  If we develop interests, hobbies and other things we like to do when we’re alone…the transitions are much easier.

Here are a few ways to find the time to spend with YOU!

  • Digital Detox - Let’s face it.  We all probably spend some time every day alone…but on our phones or online.  Try using that time to unplug and take a walk or open a notebook and just start writing.  It’s amazing where your mind goes when you just give it some space to think outside the box. 
  • Plan for it!  - Schedule time in your planner for doing something alone.
  • Get up a little bit earlier - The morning is a great time for solitude.  It’s usually quieter and it can be a really powerful way to start your day to focus your energy and thoughts when your mind is rested and refreshed.

Try this: This week, try scheduling some alone time to journal.  Your prompt: If you had and entire day alone, what would you do?


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