EP. 14 Is It Okay To Not Want More?

In this week’s episode we are asking ourselves AND you, Is it not okay to want more? What is the difference between contentment and complacency?

Contentment : a state of happiness and satisfaction

Complacency: an instance of usually unaware or uninformed self-satisfaction

We hear it all the time: “You were made for so much more.” or “It’s all about the hustle.” But what if that is not what you want?

Just trying to keep up with our peers and make it look like we have it all can be exhausting. Am I right?

Don't know where you fall on the map? Ask your self this question:

Are you happy and satisfied with your life, job, etc? 

  • If yes, then don’t listen to the pressures of wanting more. Protect your peace.
  • If you answered no, then keep going! The message of “you were made for so much more” is meant for you! You know where you want to go and will work hard to get there. You got this!
  • Not sure? Then you have some exploring to do. Maybe journal about. Make a list. Go back to your Happy List! Your future self and life need to align with with the things that make you happy. 

Moral of the story: if you want more than what you're currently getting from life, then go for it!… BUT if you are content and fulfilled where you are then it’s 100% fine to not want more. Make sure you find your meaning and happiness in life and only then decide for yourself what your future holds.

We are rooting for your either way!

xo Stephanie & Kayla


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  • Lawanda

    Thank you so much for this discussion. I have felt this way for years. I like my life and the way it is. I like the freedom of my time and being able to commit to the things I like when I want. I AM CONTENT!! I am not trying to keep up with anyone and living my life at my leisure!

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