EP. 12 - How To Beat The Blues

 Today we are tackling our 11 easy practices to boost your mood!

  1. Exercise - Get movin' and bring on the endorphins!
  2. Get outside! Fresh air and Vitamin D will do ya good…while wearing sunscreen of course :)
  3. Meditate - Slow down- create a space and silence your mind… even if it is just for 5 minutes. Back Jack link >>> You're welcome!
  4. Turn up the jams! - Music is our fave way to lift our mood! You can find our Spotify playlists HERE!
  5. Connection - Make a real life human connection! Call up a friend and go on a phone-free lunch date!
  6. Disconnect - Put your phone down. Yes, I said it…no phone. You can do it!
  7. Smile & Laugh - Laughing has positive physical benefits within your body and who doesn’t like to laugh?!
  8. Acts of Kindness - Do something for someone else...everyone benefits from kindness!
  9. Eat healthy - Your body will thank you!
  10. Get some Z’s - Make sure you get enough sleep…and when necessary, take a nap!
  11. Journal your way through your mood - Express yourself through writing… it’s powerful.

 xo Stephanie & Kayla


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