EP. 19 Social Distancing

We are getting real about social distancing. Today we talk honestly about how the recent COVID-19 pandemic is hitting us.

Let's be real... how is "social distancing" going? If we are honest, we are struggling over here. Finding things to keep busy while productive; relax but not waste too much time. It's been tough!

This pandemic is unlike anything we have seen in our lifetime. How can we remain positive yet realistic? So many uncertainties but we will get through this and come out stronger on the other side!



  • Donna Kowalski

    That was a great podcast and my first listen. I bought my first happy planner in January and had lno idea how I was going to use. But I found youtube and it has been a lot of help. As far as the COVID0-19 is concerned I too am anxious, but this too shall pass. We will come out on the other side maybe different but with a new outlook on life. We appreciate your positivity. Stay safe, stay home, keep your family safe and healthy. I look forward to better times soon.

  • Sara

    Thank you for the great episode! It is such an interesting and uncertain time it is nice to hear a positive perspective.

  • Helen

    Happy Planning,thanks

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