EP. 7 Setting Resolutions You’ll Actually Keep

Episode Summary

Today’s episode is all about setting resolutions you’ll keep all year long! Research shows that most people give up on their New Year’s goals by February. Learn why we abandon our resolutions and how to set more sustainable habits. Join us to take the pledge to be part of “The 8% Club” of people who actually achieve their New Year’s resolutions. Plus– introducing our Happy and Healthy Challenge!

Print the worksheet for episode 7 here to follow along!

Setting resolutions You'll actually keep



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  • Kim Kern

    I am so glad I found your Podcast through Stacie Julian!! I am loving it and have been binging to try and catch up. I am getting there. :) I am doing a list of 20for20 which fits into what you are doing nicely as many of my are about health. Thanks for your words and your time, I will continue to listen.

  • Lindsi

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this podcast. I listen to it at work and it puts me in such a great frame of mind and helps me push through my day!

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