EP. 26 Don't Take Yourself So Seriously

Today, we’re going to help you learn how to laugh at yourself by laughing at us…with us.  We share some of our most embarrassing moments, have a good laugh and then figure out if there is anything we can or should learn from our blooper reel.

We talk about falling down, peeing our pants, getting turned down by Justin Bieber and embarrassing old videos.

Remember you don’t always have to be/look “cool”! So take those cringey moments and turn them into memories that you can look back and laugh at.

Why do we get embarrassed?

According to researchers, most of the embarrassments that are encountered by people include instances of tripping and falling, spilling drinks, ripping pants, stalling cars, having one's private thoughts or feelings disclosed, accidental flatulence or belching, receiving undesired attention, and forgetting the names of others.

Fear of judgement  - We oftentimes feel that people are walking around judging our every move and that can be really paralyzing. 

Embarrassment is considered one of the self-conscious emotions, quite at ease in the company of guilt, shame, and pride.” – Dr. Mary Lamia – Psychology Today article


We hope that we made you laugh!

xo Steph & Kayla


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