EP. 24 Steph's BIG News: "I wrote a book!"


**Cue the confetti and the happy music**

We finally get to announce that Stephanie wrote a book! YAY! And of course... it's called Plan a Happy Life™: Define your passion, nurture your creativity and take hold of your dreams.

Plan a Happy Life includes strategies, systems, and methods for getting organized, prioritizing what's most important to you, and living intentionally. Here you'll find great ideas for:

  • Celebrating the ordinary (dance party in the kitchen, anyone?)
  • Discovering new ways to serve others (that will fit into a busy schedule)
  • Finding your happy even on the tougher days
  • Making the most effective lists (hint: it involves stickers)
  • Filling your life with gratitude
  • Controlling your calendar so you can live each day fully--and colorfully! (a step-by-step guide)
  • And much more happy planning (seriously, you have to plan fun in your life!)

Make the most of your most valuable resource--time--and have a blast doing it with Plan a Happy Life.

It's officially releasing on August 25th and is available for pre-order NOW! Find out where you can buy it now below.






We hope you add this book to your collection and are able to use it as a tool to help Plan a Happy Life!

xo Stephanie & Kayla


  • Rene Newton AKA @mommabslegacy

    My birthday is 8/25 too! Know what I am getting?! Your new book Stephanie! Pre-ordered today. I am so excited and such a fan of your brand and your encouragement! Blessings in this new endeavor!

  • Rayette Peltier

    I’m a total fangirl, Stephanie, because this makes me so happy! And the book releases on my birthday! What a fabulous birthday gift!

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