EP. 20 All About Connection with Kara Elise

Kara Elise is a chef, experience curator, and the ultimate hostess. She focuses on creating spaces and experiences that cultivate community. She builds events and experiences for both individuals and brands that create spaces for connection, process, and play. Along with her fiancé Caleb, Kara curates Connect Dinners aimed at creating connection around mindful dinners for strangers. In addition, they host "Kara and Caleb- the podcast" which dives deep into the questions that have defined the lives of their guests. Kara currently teaches an online cheese board styling course and is working on filming a pilot for a cooking show. She loves bubble gum and Los Angeles, and loves helping others pursue what truly matters to them.


We met Kara in June 2019 when she curated a brunch for a launch party we hosted for The Happy Planner brand... and we absolutely fell in love with her. Everything about her- her presence, talent and passion for connecting with others. Shortly after, we got to spend an incredible weekend at a creative retreat hosted by her and a mutual friend! When we started the podcast we knew we needed to get her on an episode so she could share her wisdom we so quickly came to admire.

Today she shares where her passion for cooking stemmed from, hosting dinners for celebrities and curating experiences for people with the purpose of connecting with others! Plus how she met and built a business with her fiancé Caleb. 

Thank you Kara!

You can find Kara at the links below for inspiration, amazing workshops and more!

Kara's Website

Kara's Instagram

Kara & Caleb's Podcast

xo Stephanie & Kayla


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