EP. 15 What Would You Do If You Had More Time?

What would you do if you had more time?

This week we are talking about how to stay productive so we can enjoy the things in life that we WANT to do.

We all say "I don't have the time." When in reality we may not be making the time to do the things that we have been putting off. Yes - most lead a busy life, but that doesn't mean you can't also make time for good times.

 In order to do the things we want doesn't mean that we can just forget all the real, important and everyday tasks that need to get done (chores, work, errands, bills). Y'all we are all adults - they don't disappear...unfortunately.

 So, here are some tips for staying productive while also making the important fulfilling moments in life a priority!

  • Make list - don't keep things in your head. Create a want-to-do and a need-to-do list.
  • Make a plan- Physically write down in your planner or calendar one or more of the things on your "want to do list" (date night, family time, fun activity, vacation)
  • Get specific...Pick a date and time and commit to making it happen. It is time to MAKE the time!
  • Then, add the NEED to do items to your week/month while being mindful of the things you have finally made time for
  • Be realistic with your time - don't set yourself up for failure by committing to too much, good or bad. You can only do so much within one day/week/month!

Make your time productive, so you can fill your life with more of the good stuff.

xo Stephanie & Kayla


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