EP. 13 Real Talk About Relationships

Today we chat about relationships and how you deserve happiness within your current status!

Listen, laugh and learn along with us!

xo Stephanie & Kayla


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  • Jacquelyn Wingo

    When you spoke of celebrating being single, Oh wow I am just learning this at 57 years old. I was married too young with a baby on the way and to the wrong man and for 22 years I was married. Coming out of that was such a relief but very scary. I proceeded to latch on to another man I believe was out of fear of being alone. Now that I am alone, I am loving my time finding myself, which I never had time to do before, It is such a wonderful feeling of just being able to be me and be alone to do the things I love. You are such an inspiration. I love your book " Plan a Happy Life" . I am listening to your pod casts along with reading the book. I cherish my time alone. As far as Valentine’s Day, I celebrate It as “Singles Awareness Day!”

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