EP. 11 - Music Matters - Our Power Playlists


Today is all about music! Music plays a big part in our lives and can really be a powerful tool in boosting our mood and even give us a dose of motivation. Make those mundane tasks not so bad with a fun dance playlist. Set the mood for a relaxing "me-time" bath with some mellow tunes. Check out our favorite songs for those fun, happy or mellow moments in life!

Empowering Jams 

Wake Up Happy

Chill AF

Happy McHappypants

I can't hear you, we're BREAKING UP!

Work It Out

I'm in LOVE, I'm in LOVE & I don't care who knows it!

Belt It Out Sister

Soundtracks & Showtunes

Stephanie's Faves

Kayla's Faves



Sing and dance along with us!

xo Stephanie & Kayla


  • Dana

    You guys have no idea how much I needed to hear this episode! Thanks so much for sharing this!

  • Melissa

    I literally signed up for Spotify just so I could listen to these playlists!

  • Jennifer

    Loved this episode! thanks for sharing all the playlists…so good!!!!:)

  • Dixie Grant

    Good Morning by Mandesa

  • Kari

    Oh my goodness thank you for the trip down memory lane with the cassette tape and the radio! And, YES, Max Frost, Good Morning is a great song! I remember hearing it in a video with Stephanie and I was like I have to download this song! My husband and I love Broadway songs and currently we are loving “Used to Be Mine” from Waitress.

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